Motorhome Travels – Cornwall- Mawgan Porth Beach

Like many people when our plans changed this year we decided to take on a project that would distract us. Fast forward six months and we’ve built our very own home on wheels & are ready for some great motorhome travels.

Life’s a Beach

We both have to do some work today but we’re going to park the bus up at a beach. It’s meant to be a really nice day today so we can take our lunch break on the beach, just having a beautiful view, which is a lot of what motivated us during building this bus, was sitting with a view without peering out through windows.

This little spot is called Mawgan Porth beach. It’s situated just outside Falmouth and is tucked between two headlands facing east which makes it a crazy little nook on Cornwalls south coast.

We’re not normally up this early so with some time to kill before our work day started we went for a stroll. The sea was creating a beautiful mist in the cold air and we were already asking ourselves why haven’t we done this sooner.

We were in for a beautiful day and after a fair few weeks of rain & we were happy to see some blue sky.

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No Hook-up No Problem

As it’s a beautiful day we are sorting out the solar panels for the first time so it’s not that sunny it’s pretty sunny but then there’s also water on the panels, but we’re getting about 100 watts and we have 500 watts of solar um there’s 90 volts and one amp and then the converter is putting in 13 volts and seven amps into the battery and then you can see here we’re getting solar about seven amps going in and it’s charging only three amps because I’m charging my laptop and stuff.

This is a great article if your thinking of a solar panel kit – Solar Panels for Campervans

Bit off track but, it’s a good toilet experience here at Mawgan Porth for any of you’re interested in that kind of detail.

What It’s All About

I swear everything looks 10 times more beautiful in the bus now we’re at the beach so sorry, but I just like seeing it in a whole new light today. It’s gorgeous & with these panoramic views I don’t know how we’re gonna get any work done today.

Such good people watching there’s been about no word of a lie 20 people gone in the sea already this morning and it’s only half ten.

There’s a couple doing some exercises, there’s a 60 year old guy here taking a selfie before he goes in the water, there’s babies making sandcastles and dogs. I forgot to mention dogs. Plenty of dog watching and then our own little furry friend arrived along with my parents for a walk on the beach and a coffee in the van and what a result mum and dad left Bertie with us for the rest of the day. We would be in big trouble if mum knew about Bertie being allowed on the bed.


When our work day was over it was finally time for a dip and seeing our wet suits, Bertie went crazy. It is easier to stay in the water for longer if you know you can have a hot shower just in from a swim. I had a shower and it was just the best, it really was the best & made staying in there a little bit longer worth it.

You’re not allowed to camp in this beach car park overnight so I think we’ll have to find a different spot, but before we left this beautiful place, the sky turned pink and served up our very first Cornish sunset.

We cranked the heating up in the bus and warmed up with a cup of coffee before heading off to our park up for the night.

A Safe Spot For The Night

On arrival, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of snaps of the bus on its first little adventure. There’s a couple of other vans parked up here so we feel safe enough in our little home.

We’ve had a really busy day it’s only 8 p.m and we’re exhausted. We had a lovely delicious dinner & as I said last night as we got into bed, “living with you is like living with a mini tornado”. Is this every partner in a van or is this just my partner in a van ?

Why Waste The Day ?

We’d parked up in a well-known van spot in town & we woke to more panoramic sea views but because it’s residential we decided to move on pretty sharpish so we weren’t blocking anyone’s sea views. Also we were now morning people after one day of getting up early and heading to the beach we were hooked, so there was only one place for it & so we are headed back to our favorite new spot.

Wow, we’re just walking, doing our morning walk on the beach which is lovely. We’ve just come back to the same beach because we had such a great day yesterday, I thought we’d do it all again today.

We were just saying how much better coffee tastes at the beach and actually I think everything just tastes better at the beach. Even if you have just one roll with one slice of salami on the beach you’re like, great a salami roll, whereas if you had that at home you’d probably be thinking, is that it? We have just done a lap of our bus as we never get to see the bus in its natural habitat, we enjoy just taking a step back and looking at it in this stunning setting.

Time To Go

It was time to get some work done and sadly Cornwall had only graced us with one sunny day so we were happy to be tucked away in the bus & out of the mizzle before we headed home. This started as an idea, that progressed into reality & now we don’t know where it is going to go. There is something about the feeling of freedom that is becoming overpowering. We need to make more motorhome travels, much more & for much longer.




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