Thelford Cassette – All The Spares

One very easy fix is to get a Fresh Up Kit. This can be great if you have a “new to us” motorhome & fancy a fresh start.


Fresh up kit –  C200






Fresh up kit – C250  – C260






Fresh up kit – C400





Pour spout end/measure cap








Cassette Sliding Cover  –








Two Piece Seal Kit-

Change as necessary, if the seals are leaking , split or deformed.





Cassette Vent Plug

If not functioning, replace to avoid the dreaded “splash back”










Complete Blade Mechanism –













Blade Opening Lever on cassette –










The Thelford Toilet Cassette Explained.

Thanks for reading. I really hope the article & this parts page has helped you in understanding the different parts to the toilet & gives you the confidence to get your hands dirty, not literally I hope, & services your own cassette.

These simple tips will keep your toilet flushing beautifully for many years to come.

Cheers, Duncan.

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