Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes

So why  should you seriously look at getting the best wheel clamps for motorhomes.

Most of us accept the obvious need to maintain our motorhome to get the maximum benefit from it, but sometimes security is neglected as being unessential, until it’s too late.

There is always a risk of theft and thieves will see an opportunity wether your, motorhome is worth £80,000 or £5,000.



Why Bother ?

Best Motorhome Wheel Clamps
A Visual Deterrent

Alarm systems should deter most thieves, once they have broken in and activated it & an immobilizer will certainly stop the vehicle from being driven away & with a tracker fitted, if they did manage to drive off, hopefully the vehicle can be recovered.

They have of course though already broken into your motorhome.

Seeing a large bright yellow or orange wheel clamp on the front wheel of your motorhome, would show our would be rat of a person, that this motorhome is not up for being stolen & is not going anywhere.

They are an instant visual deterrent !

As with everything you get what you pay for. You can buy a wheel clamp for as little as £12.99, but this will offer very limited security & will be easily removed by a determined thief.

Basically a total waste of your money. That is why you need to look at the best wheel clamps for motorhomes on the market today.


So Which Ones Are The Best?

There are basically 2 different designs of wheel clamp ;

The3 arm” type clamp or the“claw” type & in reality they are used in different situations.

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3 Arm clamps :

These are quite large & heavy to fit, as well as to stow away in your motorhome.

They are however a brilliant security device for when your motorhome is not being used, whether it’s kept on your drive or at a storage facility.

Claw clamps :

An excellent theft deterrent when used in conjunction with locking wheel nuts. Being very simple & fast to fit, they are also relatively light & easy to stow, making them a fantastic security device when out & about touring.


So let’s have a look at the recognised market leaders that make the best wheel clamps for motorhomes.

Purple Line

These four manufacturers produce quality security products, that are independently tested & Insurance Approved !

Yes they obviously cost more than the cheap Chinese imports. BUT SO DOES YOUR MOTORHOME !

A lot of people will spend hundreds of pounds on a driveaway awning & not spend a penny to stop their motorhome from being driven away !


               3 Arm Clamps


Bulldog CA2000C Centaur  – 3 arm clamp


best wheel clamps for motorhomes
Bullgog Centaur – Heavy Duty

This is a super strong heavy duty piece of kit. Weighing in at 20kg this 3 arm wheel clamp is not to be messed with. If you want to know that your motorhome is safe & secure on your driveway, at a storage area or on site, then this is the clamp for you.

The CA2000C has a massive presence & is a huge visual deterrent. It has been tested to the full & passed all the security tests ” undefeated”. The super strong heavy gauge 6mm steel arms are fully adjustable to fit varying wheel sizes & widths.

The centre disc is designed to protect the wheel nuts & the reinforced, bright red powder coated cover plate, covers the arms & wheel nut protective disc. The high security lock on the cover plate is both drill & pick proof.

The only possible negative point I can see is that at 20kg this is pretty heavy & although fantastic to use on your driveway or when your motorhome is at a storage facility, it might be a bit over the top when touring, taking up space & precious payload weight. That aside, this is a fantastic 3 arm wheel clamp, that you can put your trust in.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

To fit wheel diameters from 640mm – 760mm and width from 175mm – 260mm (including wheel trim).

  • High security drill and pick resistant lock.
  • Heavy Duty and highly visible.
  • Fully strengthened steel bottom arms.
  • Adjustable arms allow fitment to a variety of wheel sizes.
  • Protects wheel nuts.
  • Recommended for alloy wheels.
  • Sold Secure Gold Approval.
  • Insurance Approved.

This is how these two Magazine’s Reviewed the Centaur;

Practical Caravan Magazine;

“A real bruiser of a Wheel Clamp the Centaurs success reflects its smart thief proof design. Undefeated.”

What Car? Security Super Test Best Product;

“The Centaurs sheer size and bright colour put thieves off.”

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Bulldog Autoclamp Heavy Duty DC400 – 3 arm clamp


Bulldog DC400

The Bulldog DC400 Auto Clamp is a large wheel clamp designed for use on motorhomes and vans. As with all Bulldog clamps the DC400 is insurance approved, so that you have peace of mind.

The size of the wheel clamp with its yellow powder coated main strut & steel security disc when secured to a front wheel, absolutely looks like the DC400 means business & is a great deterrent.

This wheel clamp is very simple to fit, you can simply adjust the case-hardened top steel arms to get a good centered fit on your wheel and once in position, with the centre security plate covering your wheel nuts it can be locked securely in place without the need for the key.

The steel disc security plate is rubber backed to protect the surface of the wheel & nuts.

These wheel clamps use the high security drill & pick resistant lock & comes with 2 keys as standard.

Weighing in at a reasonable 9kg & being acclaimed as one of, if not the most simple 3 arm wheel clamp to fit, this is a great buy & one that you can easily take with you & use when you’re touring, if you have the storage space.

It’s great to know that when you go off for the day sight seeing, you’re motorhome will safely be staying put!

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

Suitable for use with the following wheel sizes:

  • Tyre Width: 190-255mm
  • Tyre Diameter: 580-740mm
  • Lightweight and fully adjustable simple to use and fit.
  • Case hardened top arms for added security.
  • Highly visible.
  • Rubber backed steel disk protects wheel nuts.
  • High security drill and pick resistant lock.
  • Insurance Approved.

This is how Motor Caravan reviewed the Autoclamp –

“The Autoclamp is a large, tough and fully adjustable clamp that secures the front wheel with menacing determination.”

“ITS GOOD because it is the easiest of the three-arm wheel clamps to fit- “BUY IT IF you want the best three-arm clamp we tested.”

Great deals for Bulldog Auto Clamp Large DC 400  click the link below:







Milenco M15 & M16 – 3 arm clamp

These motorhome wheel clamps are UK made and have passed every attack test that they have been subjected to for the past
decade, with exceptional and unsurpassed attack resilience. Milenco’s Wheelcamp is certified to far exceed Sold Secure Gold and is approved to the world’s highest accredited Security Standard SCM MP03.

best motorhome wheel clamps
Milenco M15 / M16

They have quality features which include the best pick-proof, ultra-high security lock & toughened steel construction to resist from sawing and freezing. The locking mechanism has been re-engineered making it far easier to line up and consequently much easier to fit, with the corner of the left leg of the clamp has a curved lip, to assist alignment. They are both high strength & low weight wheel clamps, weighing in at 12.8 kg.

As with the Bulldog 3 arm wheel clamps, these Milenco wheel clamps have also been designed with a cover plate to protect the vehicles
wheel nuts from being tampered with. The Milenco wheel clamp comes complete with 3 keys and fits both Steel and Alloy wheels. A foam back is used on the
wheel clamp to protect your alloy wheels against damage. Supplied with
three keys.

NOTE; there is NO master key for these locks, so make sure that you make a note of the key code number & keep it safe !

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

The M15 is for 15″ wheels & the M16 is for 16″ wheels.

  • Exceptional security – tested to exceed Sold Secure Gold standard
  • Re-engineered locking mechanism makes the wheelclamp simple to fit
  • Resistant to attacks by sawing, freezing and picking
  • Suits alloy and steel caravan wheels

These Milenco motorhome wheel clamps are some of the best you can buy & at an affordable price. They are very well designed, with quality engineering and construction.

Milenco uses purpose-designed high security locks. They’re all brass, not die-cast – with ten hardened pins, not seven & are exceptionally resistant to picking, chiselling, torching and drilling.

The wheel clamps use case-hardened steel which can’t be hack sawed or shattered. In fact the wheel clamp offers an outstanding combination of high strength and low weight.

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Stronghold APEX SH5456 – 3 arm clamp

Stronghold Apex triangular wheel clamp is a heavy duty clamp, that is as strong as it looks.

APEX SH 5456

Being the flagship wheel clamp in the Stronghold range, this clamp has design features patented to Stronghold & has been tested to Solid Secure Gold Approval. Weighing in at 10Kg, you won’t find it too heavy to easily handle & it is simple to fit.

Once it has been initially set up, you can be fit it in only 1 minute. The bright yellow triangular centre plate covers wheel nuts & trims to prevent the wheel from being removed & being constructed from robust hardened anti saw steel. Built into the cover plate is the Stronghold patented high security pick-free lock.

The centre backing plate is rubber backed to ensure that there is no chance of damaging your alloy wheels & the entire clamp is corrosion protected.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

All in all the APEX is a very good, well designed heavy duty clamp that will stop an attempted theft from your driveaway.

Description & Features
  • Approved to Sold Secure Gold standard
  • Secured by Design approved
  • Suitable for motorhomes, campervans & caravans
  • Tyre diameter: min 618mm – max 818mm
  • Tyre width: 225mm
  • Versatile heavy duty triangular wheel clamp
  • Fully adjustable (set once only) for wheel diameter
  • Covers wheel nuts, wheel trims and alloy wheels
  • Protective rubber on back plate to prevent damage to the wheel when fitted
  • Patented design
  • Unique high security patented locking system
  • High security pick-free lock have thousands of possible key combinations and are supplied with 3 keys, plus a key identity tag
  • Robust steel construction
  • Very easy to fit and in under a minute, no tools required for assembly
  • Water and corrosion resistant
  • Kit Contents
    • Wheel clamp top plate
    • Wheel clamp back plate
    • Top arm
    • 2 x adjustable arms
    • Locking adapter
    • Lock with three keys
    • Fitting instructions and warranty card
Great deals for Stronghold APEX SH5456 – click on the link below :








Stronghold SH5435 – 3 arm clamp

Fitting wheels from 14″to16″ this triangular wheel clamp is a versatile heavy duty wheel clamp weighing in at 13.5 Kg. It is fully
adjustable & you only need to set it up once. It is then very simple & quick to fit. The arms are electro plated anti saw hardened steel for added corrosion protection.

Stronghold SH5435

The large bright yellow triangular cover plate has a high security pick free lock. This plate completely covers the wheel nuts, so there is no way that your wheel can be removed with this clamp in place. Strong, secure & simple to use, once you have initially set it up, this clamp is a great deterrent to keep your motorhome safe.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video



  • Fully adjustable (set once only)for wheel diameter and width
  • Covers wheel nuts, wheel trims and alloy wheels
  • Electro plated arms for corrosion protection
  • High security pick-free lock, dust,water and corrosion proof
  • Robust heavy steel construction
The box contains
  • Wheelclamp top plate
  • Wheelclamp bottom plate
  • Top arm
  • Bottom arms
  • 3 x adjuster arms
  • Lock
  • 2 keys
  • 6mm allen key
  • 2 x M10 x 12mm long socket screws
  • 8 x M10 x 16mm long socket screws
  • Fitting instructions and warranty card
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                   Claw Clamps


Purpleline Nemesis – Claw  clamp


Purpleline Nemesis
The Nemesis

Purpleline were thinking, we need big, strong & tough when they dreamt up this bruiser of a motorhome wheel clamp.

The Nemesis is a claw design, but weighs in at 11 kg & is constructed using a heavy-duty metal, that was manufactured to be resistant to cutting, drilling and gas freezing. The Nemesis is designed to be used on both Alloy & Steel wheels. It can be used on wheels upto 20″ & with tyre widths upto 245. This covers 99% of all motorhome wheels.

The Nemesis was designed in Purple Line’s UK design centre. The product is a claw design, but they have incorporated a super strong steel disc on the outer arm to completely cover & protect the wheel
nuts, like a 3 arm clamp.

This clever design is used by major wheel clamping enforcement agencies, including the DVLA.

Fitting is simply done by clamping the soft rubber tipped jaws around the wheel using the T-shaped hex key provided, then installing the foam padded wheel bolt protecting arm in to place and securing this with the high strength locking barrel. The Nemesis comes with a set of 3 keys & you get a very handy storage bag.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

The Nemesis Heavy-Duty wheel clamp Fullstop.

Description & Features

Weight 11kg

Height 420mm

Width 650mm

Depth 350mm

Prevents Wheel Removal

Prevents Wheel Rotation

The Nemesis has been tested & insurance approved to SCM MP03 Thatcham & uses the renowned British made hand crafted Lowe & Fletcher lock. So you will be as happy as your insurance company, knowing that your motorhome is very well protected with this excellent wheel clamp.

At 11kg would you use it for touring as well as for on your drive ? For me, although it’s pretty heavy, it’s not too big to stow away, so yes I definitely would. I personally believe that these are the best wheel clamps for motorhomes on the market today.

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EM4x4SS EuroClamp  – Claw  clamp.

You can fit this portable wheel clamp in seconds without the need for a key to lock it into place.


It has been designed for use on motorhomes and vans. Compared to the 2 previous designs of 3 arm wheel clamp, the EM4 is very different in design & operation. There are only 2 moving parts that clamp together through the wheel.

The strengthened steel locking arms are zinc plated for longevity & have plastic coated ends to ensure that the wheels are not damaged. These clamps are therefore recommended by Bulldog for use on alloy wheels. This clamp is painted in yellow powder coat & again comes with the tried & tested anti drill, anti pick lock. It comes with 2 keys as standard & there are over a million different combinations for the Bulldog locks.

Weighing in at 6Kg, this is a great wheel clamp to take with you when you’re touring, as it’s so simple to use, the weight is OK for everyday use & it’s small enough to stow away easily.

Remember though that this style of wheel clamp does not offer any security for the wheel nuts, unlike the 3 arm clamps. So to stay properly safe & for the clamp to be insurance approved, it must be used in conjunction with a set of locking wheel nuts/bolts. I personally have locking wheel bolts on my Burstner 747 all of the time, as standard kit.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

For complete peace of mind it is tested to the Gold standard by Sold Secure and as with all Bulldog wheel clamps, it is Insurance Approved, when used with locking wheel nuts/bolts

Description & Features.
  • Fits in seconds without the use of a key.
  • High security drill and pick resistant lock.
  • Fitted with protective tips to eliminate damage to alloy wheels.
  • Strengthened steel locking arms.
  • Portable and easily stored.
  • Recommended for alloy wheels.
  • Sold Secure Gold Approved.
  • Insurance Approved.

Magazine Reviews;

Auto Express

“10 out of 10 for security in recent Auto Express test.”

Motor Caravan

“It’s good because the compact dimensions and its weight make it a good choice for touring. It is easy to fit too – you simply slide the arms apart, fit the hooks on to the wheel rim push the arms together and lock. Buy it if you need a clamp that’s not bulky yet still has a high security rating.”

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Milenco Compact  – Claw clamp

This Insurance approved Wheelclamp fits Motorhomes with wheels up to 16in & tyre sizes up to 225.

Milenco Compact

A foam backing on the claw arms of the wheelclamp makes the compact great for you to use on your alloy or steel wheels.

Comes complete with adapter’s to fit the Bailey alloy wheel with small hole and also an adapter to fit the large wheel nut as used on the Fiat Ducato/Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Relay from 1994 to 2006 (fits the 2007 onwards models without an adapter)

This is quite probably one of, if not the easiest Claw type wheelclamp to fit.

The unique, innovative design, uses an integrated winding handle & locking mechanism, using Milencos purpose built high security lock. You simply place the clamp around the wheel & turn winding handle, to tighten the clamp on to the wheel. Then push handle flush into the clamp casing & lock with the key. That is it. Job done.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

It is made from super strong hardened steel, yet it is light in weight at 4 kg. This makes it both easy for you to use & stow to away when touring. It comes in its own storage bag.

Features ;
  • Fits Alloy & Steel Wheels upto 16 inch & 225 wide tyres.
  • With Foam Protection for Alloy’s
  • Ultra High Security
  • Hacksaw Resistant Hardened Steel
  • High Strength – Low Weight
  • Easy Storage
  • Award Winning Design
  • Award Winning Lock – 2 Keys
  • Ideal for Touring
  • Made in England
Great deals for Milenco Compact   click on the link below :








Stronghold Atlas SH 5439  – Claw  clamp

These a great touring set of wheel clamps, that weigh in at less than 5 kg. Stronghold have really thought about the design side of these wheel clamps, making them out of two incredibly strong anti saw hardened steel arms & a central locking system.

Stronghold Atlas

They are pvc coated, so that they can be safely used on alloy wheels as well as steel. You can fit them in around seconds & the high security, pick-free lock system gives you peace of mind. They appear as they are, a strong & visual deterrant to protect your motorhome. You really need to get a set of locking wheel nuts.

Click Link – Fitting Guide Video

All Stronghold wheel clamps pass the recognised Solid Secure Gold standard & are Insurance Approved, which is great for you & your insurance company.

Description & Features
  • Innovative arm design allows use with steel or alloy wheels
  • Approved to Sold Secure Gold standard for automotive
  • Insurance approved protection for your vehicle
  • Patented high security locking system with three keys
  • Fits alloy and steel wheels with tyres up to 265mm wide
  • Lightweight and compact design (under 5Kg)
  • High security pick-free locks have thousands of possible key combinations and are supplied with 3 keys, plus a key identity tag
  • Robust hardened steel construction
  • Easily fitted in around 10 seconds
  • Durable PVC coating prevents damage to wheel rims
  • Painted in high visibility yellow
  • Plastic storage case included for when not in use
  • Can be upgraded with SH7662 locking wheel bolts
  • Protective cap protects lock from dirt and water
  • Please note you can drive with the wheel bolts fitted, you do not need to remove them every time you remove the clamp
  • Kit Contents –
    • Front arm
    • Rear arm
    • Lock assembly and three keys
    • Lock cover
    • Fitting instructions and warranty card
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What Is Insurance Approved & Security Tested ?

Insurance approved means that the product has been tested by a recognised agency to meet the required safety & security British Standard.

As an example; Sold Secure is an independent, non-profit organisation based in the UK. They test and certify locks to make it easier to compare the security levels between different types and brands. … Gold rated locks “offer the highest level of security” Silver rated locks “offer a compromise between security and cost” etc.

“Sold Secure” wheel clamps are attack-tested and approved by most major insurance companies as being effective theft-prevention.

Why are approved Wheel clamps & locks worth it?

First and foremost, approved wheel clamps can stop thieves from stealing your motorhome

They can also mean cheaper motorhome insurance premiums, as your insurer will classify you as a lower risk.

If you fit an approved wheel clamp and use it correctly & your motorhome was still stolen, your insurer is more likely to pay out with limited question if you make a claim.

That’s because they will be satisfied that you had taken every step to prevent the theft.

It is only the best motorhome wheel clamps that are security tested & insurance approved.


Wheel Clamp Fitting Guide Videos :

                                     3 Arm Clamps

Bulldog CA2000C Centaur– fitting guide video:

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Bulldog Autoclamp DC 400  – fitting guide video :


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Milenco M15 & M16 – fitting guide video


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Stronghold APEX SH5456 . fitting guide video

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Stronghold SH5435 – fitting guide video :

The video shows the SH 5434, which is for wheels upto 14″. The SH5435 is the same design, but fits wheels upto 16″.

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                                      Claw Clamps

Purpleline Nemesis – fitting guide video :

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Bulldog EM4x4SS EuroClamp – fitting guide video :

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Milenco Compact – fitting guide video :

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Atlas SH 5439 – fitting guide video :

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TOP Advice At The End Of The Day.

  • Take security of your motorhome seriously.
  • Only buy the best wheel clamps for motorhomes, that are security tested & insurance approved.
  • Deter the opportunist thief by using high quality, but relatively inexpensive products
  • Consider the best security devices available to reduce the risks of your unit being stolen and also reduce your insurance premiums
  • Deter thefts of property from your unit with simple devices. I have a Cobra alarm system with sensors on all doors. That includes all locker doors. Plus simple individual alarms fitted on all windows .
  • Thieves don’t only steal your motorhome or its contents when your unit is being stored, it’s vulnerable at all times even when just stopping for a cup of tea or to stretch your legs at a motorway service station. You therefore need to consider a range of measures to protect your motorhome at all times.


About The Manufacturers In Brief

What they say about themselves;

“Bulldog –

launched their first products in 1984 by Mr and Mrs A Jordan, who founded the company. Tinkering in his garden

shed he designed and constructed his first caravan stabiliser. From this he went on to build another 25, convinced that other caravanners would be interested in this product too… he was right! Now 35 years onand with our pro-active approach to innovation the Bulldog brand is stronger than ever. We are proud to manufacture from our own premises

here in Much Wenlock and source all our products here in the UK, enabling us to maintain a high level of quality and service. Whilst meeting the demands to those important to us.. the Customer. The Bulldog product range spans all areas including Leisure, Commercial, Domestic and many more.”

“Milenco –

Milenco caravan and security products win more awards and tests because our products are superior through design and quality
engineering. Milenco caravan Wheelclamps are Sold Secure, SCM and SKG -IKOB MP03 approved.

Milenco Limited, world leading manufacturer of award winning recreational vehicle and vehicle accessories including
towing mirrors, high security caravan wheel clamps, hitchlocks, supplementary door locks, steering wheel locks, safety products, caravanning steps and levelling products.”

“Purple Line –

is a UK Based company that design and manufacture a wide range of products for the Recreational Vehicle market. From its innovation centre located in rural Suffolk, this design led company has always sought to provide innovative and affordable solutions that focus on the needs of the market and not the direction of the competition.

“Here at Purple Line our mission is to design new and innovative products with the simple aim of taking the stress out of going on holiday. Motor Movers and Levelling Aids to make life easier, and Security and Lifting to set your mind at ease; all designed to help you make the most of your precious time away.”

Jonathan Harrison – Founder & Managing Director”


“Stronghold Atlas –

Designed in the UK and manufactured to the highest standards, Stronghold is a leading name in vehicle security solutions. The range includes wheel clamps intended for securing motorhomes, caravans and trailers. Created in 1987 Stronghold products have continually been improved and developed to meet the demands of an ever changing market place. They provide competitive products that give the consumer the right level of security at the right price and insuring peace of mind. These products are inventive and feature creative new approaches to vehicle security.”


I hope you found this article helpful, so that you can make the right choice to keep your motorhome safe.


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