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Fiamma Motorhome Awnings

Fiamma is known worldwide as a leading company in manufacturing technical accessories for the motorhome market. There is a wide range of Fiamma motorhome awnings to suit campers & motorhomes of all different sizes & installations.

The innovative and compact awnings of

Italian design

Fiamma motorhome awning

Lightweight, innovative design

These are easy-to-use and simple to install awnings, with best
technologies, service and quality! Constantly renewed, Fiamma awnings are compact and functional, making them one of the market leaders.
When not in use, the awnings takes up little space being fully enclosed
in the aluminium case. They are sturdy and safe to operate, with an
easy-to-hook winch loop or fully automated, by using a 12 volt electric system.

Standard Features Across The Range Include;

• Installation Brackets: standard adapters (provided with the awning) and more than 90 personalized brackets enable the mounting on special profiles

• LED: many models and LED solutions to illuminate evenings under the awning

• Double & Triple Guide: double guide on the lead bar allowing the installation of two front panels

• Perfect Closing: fast and silent opening and closing thanks to the Auto-Lock safety system and perfect closing thanks to Dual Security device

• Presto Fix: adjusting system that enables you to gauge the closing of the lead bar to guarantee a perfect closing over time

• One Way Roll: rolling the fabric only in the correct direction, thanks to Fiamma’s patented system

• Dual Shock Absorber: patented shock absorbing bracket with dual bolt system to protect the awning and the vehicle during bad weather

• Extra Strong Arms: strong reinforced articulated arms with double steel cable that allows you to maintain an optimal fabric tension

• Secure Lock: the legs can be fixed to the ground or to the wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted with a
telescopic safe and practical system

Fiamma Awnings

Wall installation awnings.

Fiamma Awnings

Fiamma Motorhome Awnings

These awnings are fixed onto the flat outer wall of the motorhome or camper van.With a choice of lengths from 190 to 550cm.

There is a range of five models available, with manual or electric wind out.

They are equipped with legs on the front of the awning to support it, this allows for tie down lines to be used when in windy conditions, or with self- supporting arms. The self-supporting arms are on the top of the range electric powered awnings & have wind sensors to automatically retract the awning as the wind strengthens, to avoid any damage to the awning



Model – Motorhome – Caravan – Van – Camper – Length – Extends To – Case Colour – Operation – Supports

F45s              Yes              Yes         Yes       –          190>450      100>250      White,Titanium      Manual         Adjusting legs                                                                                                                                      Black

F45s VW         –                   –             –        Yes        260>300           200          White,Titanium     Manual         Adjusting legs                                                                                                                                     Black

F70                Yes             Yes          Yes        –         400>450           250          White, Titanium     Manual        Adjusting legs

F45L              Yes               –            Yes        –          450>550           250          White, Titanium     Manual        Adjusting legs

F45 Eagle      Yes               –              –          –          350>450           250                  White         Electric/Auto   Self supporting

As well as a choice in the colour of the awning casing, there is a choice in the colour of the canopy, with the colour being on both sides. Royal Grey, Royal Blue. Sahara, Evergreen or Bordeaux

Roof installation awnings.

Fiamma motorhome awnings

Roof installation


As the name suggests these awnings are fitted onto the roof of the motorhome, as opposed to the wall installation. The way that the awning operates is basically the same as for the wall mounted awnings & they share the features as described above. There are 4 models within the range & sizes go from 290cm to 490cm in length.




Model – Motorhome – Caravan – Van – Camper – Length – Extends To – Case Colour – Operation – Supports

F80s           Yes                 Yes         Yes         –         290>450   200>250        White,Titanium    Manual         Adjusting legs                                                                                                                                           Black

F65 L         Yes                  Yes         Yes         –         400>490       250            White,Titanium    Manual         Adjusting legs                                                                                                                                              Black

F65Eagle   Yes                    –           Yes         –          319>400       250              White,Titanium  12v/Auto      Self supporting

F40Van        –                      –             –         Yes             270           225                   Black             Manual        Adjusting legs

As well as a choice in the colour of the awning casing, there is a choice in the colour of the canopy, with the colour being on both sides. Royal Grey, Royal Blue. The F40Van is available in Royal Grey only.

What Would You Expect to Pay ?

The basic models start as low as £480 rising to £1480 for the larger top of the range fully automated models. So for most people with a standard motorhome, you are going to get a good sized quality awning for around the £ 800 to £ 1000 mark.

There are then a whole host of awning accessories, from front & single side screens, awning carpets to full ” Safari tents”

Would I Buy One ?

Very simple answer, YES. An awning can effectively double the amount of living space that you have & makes it usable whether it is hot & sunny or when it’s wet. Apart from French “Aires” where you are not permitted to put out an awning, it is in constant use on every occasion.Fiamma Awnings

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