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Whether you’re looking at shower options because of the current Covid19 causing site facilities being closed or if you want to wild camp away from anyone or if you just want your own facilities in case the site ones aren’t up to scratch, then keep on reading and we’ll look at some cheap and easy ways to shower outside or inside your campervan.


Showering Al Fresco

There Is Not Enough Space for a Shower

This article is mainly aimed at those who don’t have a permanent shower in their campervan, so first we’re going to take a look at options for a portable shower for camping-campervans.

Then we’ll look at the enclosure options to give you more privacy and finally, we’ll share some tips and tricks for a better shower.


There is a wide choice online & you will be able to get exactly what you need by clicking on either of these platforms.


Simple & Straightforward-

First, let let’s look at gravity showers, and most of these can use solar energy to heat the water  they’re by far the cheapest and easiest of all the things are going to look at today when the Sun is out, you can heat up the water for free. If you can’t, you can top it up with water from a kettle here.

20l Portable Solar Shower

We’Ve got a twenty litre camp shower that’s been out in the UK Sun.  Let’s see what the water temperature is like.

So, first the normal water temperature from a cold  tap at the Uk, is 7 C, so good luck with that.

The water in the solar bag after 3 hours in the sun is 28 degrees, so that  would give you a comfortable shower.

Now,let’s take a look & see what it’s got to after six hours in the sun & you should be at around 34 to 35 degrees. This would be a very comfortable shower.

One of the challenges with this type of shower is that they’re gravity-fed, so you have to be able to get the bag of water way above your head to be able to get underneath  it and even then the pressure isn’t fantastic.



Pump Up The Pressure

Porta Shower

If you’re looking for a slightly higher power shower that you don’t have to hitch at the side of the van to get under,

then you can use these pressure showers these that you pump up the pressure and enjoy your shower for a few minutes.
At least some of these can be heated in the Sun with their black outer coating, others, you will have to fill with warm water here.



There are various brands availble & they all use the  same principle, in that you pressurize the water container. With either a hand or foot pump giving you a few minutes of water pressure to enjoy.

Let’s see how two brands compare  after pressurizing them, both for around 30 seconds, to give you an idea.

The Porta shower has are more consistent, but finer spray. The Porter shower is continuing on which it does for a total of around three minutes. That is a pretty decent length for a quick shower.

Dr Prepare pressure shower



The Dr Prepare is a bit more powerful & aggressive.. After about a minute , the Dr Prepare, has lost all its pressure, but you simply press the foot pump & carry on showering.

Being black this shower is also a solar shower, so the water will warm up in the sun. With the Porta shower you obviusly have to fill the container with hot water before you shower.



All Powered Up


Finally, there is the option to go electric, avoiding the need for all that pumping to build up the pressure.

Plug in Electric Shower
Plug in Electric Shower



There are two main types & the operation of these is basically the same, with both having a pump and a shower head. The difference being that one you can plug straight into the van or a battery pack.






Electric Shower USB Charging
Electric Shower USB Charging

Or this USB one gives that extra versatility of being cordless, but you do have to remember, to keep it charged up, which can be a slight inconvenience & it doesn’t have a standard micro mini USB socket to charge it so you have to remember to keep the cable, it came with safely in your campervan.



You then need a container or bucket of water ( warm would be nice) & then  it’s simply the case of popping the pump into some water and then switching on.

There is a wide choice online & you will be able to get exactly what you need by clicking on either of these links.


Horses For Courses


Electric Showers

I would say the USB rechargeable shower, is the closest to your shower at home.
It gives a good pressure and volume of water. However, that does mean it goes through your water tank quickly. The 12-volt one has slightly lower pressure, but it does have a variable head, meaning that you can control the flow rate.

You do need to have a water container & a way to warm up the water.

Hand Pump Showers

Compact & lightweight. The ones that warm up in the sun would be my choice. Check how long you actually have pressure for, before you need to re-pump. For me I think 3 minutes is great.

Gravity Solar Showers

Dead simple & really handy if you are limited on storage space. The only downside is the water pressure.

A gravity shower could also be an excellent way of heating up water to then use with an electric shower!

Privacy When Showering Publicly.

When it comes to enclosures, off-the-shelf, shower tents, are cheap, easy to put up and give total privacy. They can also double up as a toilet tent when you’re not showering.


There is a wide choice online & you will be able to get exactly what you need by clicking on either of these platforms.



It is pretty easy to make your own temporary space inside the van with a shower curtain and a hula-hoop. A rooflight vent is a great point of an attachment, a large storage container to stand in. Turn  the water on and you’reaway. Having the rooflight  means you can even pop your solar shower on the roof and pipe it through the rooflight vent.


Don’t Waste It – Save It.

Finally, here are some tips for using any of the showers that we have been looking at.

Water is precious, so learn to Navy or squatty shower wet yourself down switch off the shower lather yourself up and then switch the shower back on to rinse you’ll. Be surprised how little water you actually need. A trigger shower head makes it even easier to save water literally only spraying, what water you need where and when you want it.

When it comes to mounting your showerhead, the suction mounts that come with the showers are generally pretty poor. We found that a cheap suction mobile phone holder, stronger and more adjustable.

If you are showering outdoors, a simple wooden duck board or plastic mat makes it much more pleasurable experience than being stood on the ground. Finally, if you’re used water is draining away into the ground, please use biodegradable products.  There are various camp soaps that can be used for washing your hair & body without damaging the environment.

I hope this article has been of use to you.


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