GRAYSTON SPRING ASSISTERS are just about the simplest way to reinforce the rear suspension on your towcar. Spring assisters-why do I need them ? Keep on reading & you will see how they will benefit you, when towing.

What Are They?

Spring assisters are thick rubber strips which fit between the coils of your cars road spring. Under normal everyday use, the spring assister doesn’t need to do anything at all. When a heavy load, such as a caravan or trailer is attached however, the spring assister comes into its own & stops the spring compressing fully. Spring Assisters- why do I need them ?

In practice, the spring assisters lift the ride height of the car by around 2 to 2.5cm when a caravan or trailer is on the back. That doesn’t sound a lot, but it makes a big difference in the appearance of the vehicle, by maintaining the normal level ride height.

In terms of ride quality, there is no noticeable difference,

Being made of a firm rubber compound, the assister still retains a comfortable ride.

The rear suspension cannot now bottom out & the hitch gear will bottom
out less when traversing speed bumps or uneven ground.

Description & Features

To uprate the rear suspension of cars, estates and light vans for towing caravans, trailers and vehicles carrying heavy loads

  • Coil spring assisters are necessary because most standard car springs are designed for the comfort of the passengers and are not strong enough to take the extra loading of towing and heavy weights carried in the boot
  • Manufactured in a hard rubber compound and can be fitted by the average DIY motorist without special tools
  • 13 Gap distance to suit 18mm – 25mm
  • 14 Gap distance to suit 26mm – 38mm
  • 15 Gap distance to suit 39mm – 50mm
  • 15a Gap distance to suit 51mm – 65mm

Gap is determined by the measurement between the coils (daylight) approx halfway down the spring, when the vehicle is jacked up by the body until the wheel is clear off the ground. The vehicle suspension is then at full travel.

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Installing spring assisters

Fitting the spring assisters is fairly straight forward on most vehicles.Lift the vehicle on a jack, until the road wheel is clear of the ground which extend’s the spring and increases the gap between the coils sufficiently to thread the rubber assister between them.

The top and bottom surfaces of the assister are concave so when the jack is removed and the spring compresses again, it is locked in place. It takes around an hour to fit both spring assisters using a standard trolley jack and a pair of axle stands.

Why Do I Need Them ?

Grayston Spring AssistorCoil spring assisters are a great value option for improving your vehicles ride height when towing, particularly given the ease of fitting. By not being able to completely “bottom out” your cars suspension, you will not only avoid any damage rear component parts, but more importantly you will have complete control of your vehicles front end. The level ride height means that you will not have any steering or breaking issues, that are experienced with the car being back end heavy, front end light.

Please bear in mind, that they are NOT a substitute for replacing worn suspension components. If you are in any doubt, please use a reputable garage to check your vehicles suspension, before you attempt to tow anything.

They are available in different sizes and getting the correct size is vital.

You can check compatibility with Graystons Online Application Guide.

If you are unsure please contact me & I will ensure that you get the correct size for your vehicle.

This is an EBay customer review of the Grayston spring assisters ;

Installation took only a few minutes. I removed the wheels and just put them between the springs. Because from time to time I tow with my car the rear springs are bit soft. So after installing these rubber assisters I raised my car’s rear a bit and when I’m towing I have a bit more ground clearance. When I’m not towing my car’s rear springs feels a bit stiffer and the rear end isn’t lower than the front, like it was before installing these assisters. These are wonderful and I think I have to order more for my other cars.