Awning skirts – Why do you need them ?

So you put your motorhome across the prevailing wind to give you shelter & then you get your Awning all set up, awning carpet pegged down & your table & chairs on the awning carpet. Time to sit down & have a well deserved drink.

So Why Do I Need an Awning Skirt ?

Well as you are relaxing, you notice a nasty cold draft blowing around you, from under the motorhome.

Awning Skirt
Awning Skirt slides into the lower track.

Even if you have the Safari tent up or a short stay/drive away tent erected, you cannot stop the air from rushing into it from under the vehicle. As you can imagine in the winter or just when it is cold, you are effectively sitting in the drafty outside air temperature.

Awning skirts are a fantastically simple way
of keeping any wind & cold draft from coming under the
motorhome & blowing through the outside awning seating area.

The awning skirt simply slides into a lower awning channel, fitted to the side of the motorhome & is secured at the base by pegging it down into the ground, using the Eyelets. A quality awning skirt will have metal eyelets, unlike so many that have plastic welded eyelets.

With a 50cm drop –                          With a 75cm drop –




Description & Features That You Should Look For


  • Excellent for draft exclusion – especially when used with motorhome wheel covers
  • 50cm or 75cm Drop
  • Fits in to lower awning channel (pre fitted by the manufacture on a lot of motorhomes)
  • Includes Quality Metal Eyelets
  • Protects against wind and rain
  • Manufactured from reinforced strong & durable PVC
  • Colour options
  • Full double stitched hem
  • Select length as required with eyelets at 1m or 50cm intervals

    Awning Skirt
    Awning skirt with metal eyelets

  • Easy to clean & stow

The Maypole super strong reinforced PVC looks fantastic in its light grey colour, with white rail piping & a full Double Stitched Hem.Simply measure the length that you need & check which drop height best suits your requirements, with a choice of 50cm or 75cm.

I personally use this awning skirt on my Burstner 747 2Active, with the 50cm skirt between the axles & the 75cm skirt to cover the double axle rear tyres.


What’s the Cost?

There is a choice of companies supplying awning skirts, with drop heights of 50/60/75cm & can be bought as 3-4-5-6m lengths etc or bought by the metre or even foot lengths.

Depending on the quality & drop height You should expect to pay between £4.00 & £8.00 per metre length.

Eyelets can be bought separately if you need a bespoke/custom length of skirt.

Awning Skirt Suction cups

The most secure way to attach the skirt is to use an awning rail, but you can get awning skirts that are held on to the side of the motorhome by using suction cups.

There are also awning skirt kits designed for VW campers. These are made from practical rip-stop nylon with a bungee cord at each end which clips to the wheel arches and pegging points along the base to pin it to the ground.






Note : The awning skirts are used to block the wind coming from under the motorhome & wheel covers obviously do the same thing, in blocking the wind. I said earlier that I have separate length’s of 70cm awning skirts to cover the rear wheels of my tag axles. These along with single wheel covers for the front of the motorhome are especially useful in protecting the tyres from damage to the tyre walls caused by the sun. This is really necessary when the motorhome is not being used. Especially if it is southern Europe ie Spain for example.

A lot of the time motorhome tyres have to be changed because the tyre wall is damaged, more than the tread is worn.

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