Motorhome Waste Water Hog

So the waste water from the kitchen & bathroom sinks drains into your grey tank. When its getting full you then take the motorhome to the camping sites waste water point, position the tank outlet hose over the drain, open the drain tap & bingo. Once the tank is empty you can go back to your pitch. If you have a motorhome waste water hog, you don’t need to do that.



So Why Do You Need A Motorhome Waste Water Hog ?

waste water hog
W aste water hog

Well not all sites, especially small ones, have a waste water drive on area for motorhomes & even on those that do, you can waste a lot of your time waiting for the thing to be free.

We all know that you really don’t want to be setting off for a days drive with a full grey tank !

All sites will have a drain for grey water & so this is where the motorhome waste water hog comes into its own. Simply have it positioned underneath your motorhome with the grey water waste pipe feeding into it. When it fills up, you just have to turn off the grey tank, remove the waste hose & put the filler cap back on.


You can then easily wheel it over to the grey water drain & empty it. Then wheel it back & put the waste water pipe back in. It takes minutes & now there is no need to have to move the motorhome, which is great if you are staying put on 1 pitch for a few days.

My waste water outlet is on the other side of the motorhomes hab door, so with an awning skirt, there’s no smell coming under the van & into the awning.

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How Big Are They & What Do They Hold ?

waste water hog
46ltr capacity

They come in different sizes, holding from around 38 ltr to 46 ltr’s of water. The 46ltr hogs measure around ;

Height: 95cm x Width: 35cm x Depth: 25cm.

Being all plastic they are very strong, yet light when empty & so they are easily stowed away in your motorhome.

Many waste hogs have a fold-down shelf for your toilet cassette, so that you can easily empty both at the same time. They normally have a large ergonomic handle moulded into the design and extra-wide wheels to make it easy to wheel to the waste point, especially across soft grass.


They normally come with 2 fill/empty caps, with 1 at each end of the hog. The waste hose from the motorhome can be put into either one. I use the lowest one so that the water hog is not full to overflowing. This makes it lighter to move around & man handle.

I personally put the hose into the lower one, which is normally at the handle end. This way when the hog appears to b

wate water hog
38 ltr capacity

e full, the level is not completely to the top. This makes it simpler & less messy to empty.

When you come to empty your waste water hog, put it so that when it is stood up, the water coming out of the bottom fill/empty hole will go down the drain.

Now put it back down & remove the bottom fill/empty cap & start to stand it up so that the waste water flows out.

Remove the top fill/empty cap ( this removes the vacuum effect) & stand the hog up. The water will now gush out & empty the hog in seconds.



waste water hog
Small 25ltr capacity
  • Recycled plastic making them very light, yet very strong
  • 38 to 46 litre capacities
  • Fold-down shelf for the toilet cassette
  • Extra-wide tyres
  • Ergonomic carrying handle
  • Dimensions: Height: 95cm x Width: 36cm x Depth: 24cm
  • 2 filler/empty caps





Additional features on premium makes, such as Fiamma are; air release valves & level indicators.

There are on the market some 25 ltr versions, that have fold away metal handles. This will obviously make them easier to stow away as they are smaller. I personally don’t like the look of the handles. The grip looks too thin for comfort with the weight of 25 ltr’s in the tank & the wheels don’t look big enough. Also with only a 25 ltr capacity, you are going to end up emptying it an awful lot.

waste water hog
Fiamma 40ltr Quality Hog

How Much ?

The small 25 ltr hogs are around £ 35 online.

38 ltr are around £40/45 & 46 ltr are around £45/50

Expect to pay around £ 85 online for premium brands, such as Fiamma.







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Are They Worth It ?

I have a Burstner 747 plus tow car & so usually we tend to park up the motorhome & use the car to explore the surrounding area. So the motorhome stays put for days at a time.

I have a 46ltr waste water hog so that I don’t have to move my motorhome, just to empty the grey tank & so I have used it virtually continuously when touring through Europe. It makes getting rid of the grey water a very simple process wherever I have been.

As a £50 item & considering how often you will need to use it, a decent  motorhome waste water hog is a must have accessory for everyone using a motorhome.

Do I Need A Fresh Water Hog ?

water hog
Fresh Water Hog

No they are not really for motorhomes, which have an onboard tank that you fill up. But they can be used in the same way that caravans do.

Caravans use water hogs for fresh water & I’m sure that you have seen them being wheeled around sites. This is because caravans do not have any holding tanks, except obviously the toilet cassette tank, so the hogs are used for fresh water in & waste water out.

The fresh water hog is connected to the caravan via a hose & it is the caravans own water pump that draws the water from the water hog & up to the taps.




water hog
Fresh Water Hog  Connected


Some motorhomes do have a system to use one, but it is not common.You could use a fresh water hog with another pump to get the water into the motorhomes own tank.

You do have to think that these water hogs like the Aqua Roll are pretty big & bulky things to stow away.

To fill my motorhome water tank if I am not near a water point, I use 2 x 25ltr water jerry cans with a flexible filler hose that goes into the normal fresh water filler point on the motorhome.

When I’m touring I always run with these 2 full, so that if I’m wild camping or using an “Aire”, I will have plenty of water.

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Do’s & Dont’s When Using A Waste Water Hog.

One simple thing That you can do with waste water hogs is, if you find that it is too heavy for you when its full, especially if the drain point is up a slope, then you just take it whenever you want to, with any amount of water in it. that you feel happy with.

You can have smell’s coming into the motorhome, via the sink drains. This can be because with the grey tank now empty & the drain valve open to the pipe to the water hog, the smelly air from the grey tank backs into the motorhome. To overcome this simply shut the drain valve to the tank. Now check the level of the grey tank as you normally would. When you need to empty the grey tank, simply open the drain valve & let it fill up the waste water hog, then shut the valve & empty the hog.

In the video below the guy loosely shows us how the waste water hog is used as far as placing the waste pipe & filling it up. But he
does not show how to correctly empty it. Personally to simply dump the contents from a grey tank onto a pitch is pretty poor. If this was doneby everyone, the site would become a swamp. I don’t see the enjoyment of constantly paddling about in each others waste. Why not just do it properly? I don’t understand why the guy posted this and I’m just glad the cassette toilet waste point wasn’t too far away for him!

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